Sorrento Wedding Planner

Your Wedding in Sorrento and Amalfi coast

The Big Day

Where do we start from ? From you.

There is the Wedding Planner. Do you feel better now ? The organization of a wedding is a journey to enjoy and not a moment to forget. 

and why you should choose me

I’ve got innovative and vey creative ideas in step with the needs of the bridal couple, I follow the planning and together with my staff I care the design of every event, I create a “no copy”project that is unique, unique as any small or big event that I realize, like a seam-stress I sew it on your skin.
Sorrento wedding planner

…..and so I can be your guide


I think I am lucky to live in the Sorrento Peninsula or Sorrento Coastline or simply in Sorrento and I know all the most beautiful corners of this wonderful place, from the hotels to the villas, and the most intimate and confidential locations, different from many others, in my job these pearls are called non-conventional locations, like for example marvelous private gardens…. so I’m applying to be your perfect guide. Contact me


…respect, professionalism and transparency

I created a team of professionals of the wedding industry. We are a team that plays to win with the following credentials:Respect, Professionalism and Transparency. 

All this to guarantee a unique Marriage as you are unique….and then what am I to do? Hospitality is the pride of Sorrento Coast and so your guests will feel like at home and pampered from the beginning till the end. In this marvelous project I included all the professional figures for realizing your dreams. In every corner of my life I always put my heart and a lot of passion mixed up with the professionalism acquired through the years, doing courses and above all doing a lot of experiences in this field. Contact me

Sorrento wedding planner

In what my staff and I we can help you:

  1. Wedding planning consulting
  2. Search of location for the reception (villas, castles, rustic farmhouses, historic palaces, hotels)
  3. Restaurants, catering and banqueting
  4. Flower art
  5. Ceremony decor
  6. Organization of the stay and other services for guests from outside the town (sightseeing tours, dinners, spa and much more)
  7. Wedding clothes for the bridal couple
  8. Wedding invitations, place-cards, tableau
  9. Photos and videos
  10. Beauty: hairstyle and make-up
  11. Wedding car hire: modern and vintage
  12. Coach hire for the guests
  13. Ceremony and reception music
  14. Reception animation
  15. Baby-club organization
  16. Equipment rental hire

Come to our Party!

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