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The Big Day

Where do we start from ? From you.

There is the Wedding Planner. Do you feel better now ? The organization of a wedding is a journey to enjoy and not a moment to forget. 

Invitations Cards

Your duty will only be to express your wishes.

The uniqueness of an event starts from the invitation, well yes….there’s little to do

To receive an invitation packaged in a unique way makes already clear to us that what will come next will be something really special. 

It will be surely an unforgettable wedding party. The wedding invitations are the visiting card of the ceremony you will be celebrating, the first sign that yours won’t be the usual party. Yours won’t really be the usual party. 

That’s what you have to believe when you start organizing your wedding. Nothing is impossible for those who rely on a Wedding Planner. It’s his/her job, not yours. Your duty will only be to express your wishes. 

There is nothing more beautiful than this! Don’t you feel already lighter? And you’ll start exactly from here, from the invitations. The best way to impress your guests and to give a touch of surprise to your wedding is the realization of tailor made invitations, just for you! 

The Wedding Planner  ill be your nearest person, therefore he/she will have to know your tastes and your most important symbols. The invitation will be the first object indicative of the style that you will choose for decorating your whole party. 

That’s why before making it it’s essential to communicate a lot among the three of you, maybe in front of a cup of coffee like good friends having no secrets ! But how to make the invitations? For the wedding invitations that I make the most used materials are the noble papers, those pearly papers, natural or cotton papers. 

Every couple has got his own paper colours and decorations. I never do the same type of packages twice : my job is always exclusive. But what never changes is designing the invitations like tailor made shirts, with the same care and passion as usual. 

Together we ‘ll make such beautiful invitations that you’ll wish to receive one you too! Ah by the way: my name is Francesca and if you click here you can get to know me better!



Wedding in Sorrento

The creation of a perfect wedding. Francesca was perfect! She made our wedding in Sorrento a unique event, cared in the minimum details, she was careful at our suggestions, she got passionate about our ideas and made them become true with patience and competence, personalizing every corner and every moment, making sure that our wedding was shared by our guests because it represented us at 100%. If it was a marvellous day it was also thanks to her.


Wedding Amalfi Coast

A wonderful day and a wedding like superheroes. Having a wish is dreamy. Making it happen is for superheroes. When you think of your wedding day…..As it will be! And then you realize that it’s much more! This is magic. I haven’t got more words. Thank you Francesca.


Wedding in Sorrento

Francesca is guarantee of uniqueness and originality, with her you are sure not to have the reply of another event, she succeeds in modelling every minimum detail according to the needs and personality of the couple. Besides her competence she has a sense of humanity that really makes the difference.

Come to our Party!

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