Wedding Designer

Your Wedding Designer in Sorrento and Amalfi coast

The Big Day

Where do we start from ? From you.

There is the Wedding Planner. Do you feel better now ? The organization of a wedding is a journey to enjoy and not a moment to forget. 

If there is someone capable of making your wedding party really unique, that person is the Wedding Designer. Create Unique Atmospheres

Who is a Wedding Designer? 

An architect of the beauty. The one taking care of all the preparations, the graphics and all the decorations of the spaces where you ‘ll celebrate the most important day of your life. 

The scenography isn’t to be underestimated in such an important reception. It has the main aim to exalt you, the couple, your nature, your essence. But it has also got the aim to touch you and your guests, carrying them in a world made only of your symbols. 

The Wedding Designer is a professional who succeeds in harmonizing all the scenic elements thanks to his/her taste and experience. 

So lights, decorations, elements, objects will be together in order to create a unique personalized atmosphere. 

Yes, because every couple is a story in itself and so his/her job each time is exclusive too. This is what I say to my clients when I explain my job. And when they ask me:”Where will we start from ?” I answer:”From the dialogue”. 

In fact the first step will be talking. I will get to know you, to understand your tastes, to discover what you like and which is the style that most represents you.

Boho chic, natural chic, vintage, modern, shabby, chic? Every couple has got its own style, and so also the most suitable materials. Wood, cotton, hemp, lace, lived objects? We will decide together every detail. 

My attention will be focused also on the wedding cake design, on the realization of the invitations to be sent and on the tableau at the entrance of the reception room. Everything deserves a good amount of creativity. 

No location will be impossible to customize for me. I have experience with small but also with immense spaces. Wether it’s a castle, a beach, a seventeenth century salon or a private garden for me makes no difference. 

You just have to tell me where you want to bring your love and I will prepare for you in the best possible way the space that will welcome it. 

You have to believe that we can really do everything together. Because you will have to celebrate a feeling. And me, with my working background, I have all the tools to tell this!

Come to our Party!

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