Sorrento Wedding Planner

Your Special Wedding in Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast

The Big Day

Where do we start from ? From you.

There is the Wedding Planner. Do you feel better now ? The organization of a wedding is a journey to enjoy and not a moment to forget. 

Welcome to the enchanting world of intimate weddings in Sorrento, where your dreams come to life in a whirlwind of authentic emotions.


I‘m Francesca, and this land has always been my home and my heart.  

For 15 years, with the passion of an artist, I’ve turned weddings into works of art, dedicating myself with love to destination weddings for couples who choose Sorrento as their love’s destination.

Picture yourself surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of private villas, castle and the most exclusive luxury terraces in Sorrento, a perfect stage for your vows of love. But my goal goes beyond that, as I want you to experience every moment with a sense of wonder and discovery.

And what could be more captivating than immersing yourself in the local culinary tradition? With me, you’ll have the chance to create not just memories, but also delightful dishes through an engaging cooking experience.

Yet, my true gift to you is access to special places, the kind that only someone deeply connected to the land can unveil. Stroll through the hidden lemon groves of the Sorrentine Peninsula, letting the scent of citrus blend with the festive air.

Or why not say your “I dos” in magical and charming locations like panoramic terraces or hidden corners, in a perfect blend of love and nature.

My promise is to meticulously tend to every detail exclusively, to welcome you into my family, and to make you feel at home, even if you’re thousands of miles away. I will guide you passionately through each phase, from concept to reality, because every wedding is a story to tell, an emotion to share, an experience to cherish.

With me, you’ll have a partner, a friend, a soul to ensure your day is unique, enchanting, and authentically yours.

Sorrento and the Sorrentine coast will become a true stage for your love, and together we’ll create a magic, an indelible memory that will reside in your hearts, and those of your guests, forever.



Wedding in Sorrento

The creation of a perfect wedding. Francesca was perfect! She made our wedding in Sorrento a unique event, cared in the minimum details, she was careful at our suggestions, she got passionate about our ideas and made them become true with patience and competence, personalizing every corner and every moment, making sure that our wedding was shared by our guests because it represented us at 100%. If it was a marvellous day it was also thanks to her.

Andrew & Terry

Wedding Amalfi Coast

A wonderful day and a wedding like superheroes. Having a wish is dreamy. Making it happen is for superheroes. When you think of your wedding day…..As it will be! And then you realize that it’s much more! This is magic. I haven’t got more words. Thank you Francesca.
wedding Amalfi coast


Wedding in Sorrento

Francesca is guarantee of uniqueness and originality, with her you are sure not to have the reply of another event, she succeeds in modelling every minimum detail according to the needs and personality of the couple. Besides her competence she has a sense of humanity that really makes the difference.

Sorrento Wedding Planner

Your Special Wedding in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast