Sorrento Wedding Planner

Your Special Wedding in Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast

The Big Day

Where do we start from ? From you.

There is the Wedding Planner. Do you feel better now ? The organization of a wedding is a journey to enjoy and not a moment to forget. 

Are you arrange your wedding
in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast?

That’s why I want to introduce myself:  Hi, My name is Francesca, I am wedding planner and event creator specialized in unconventional weddings. 

What does it mean ?  That for your wedding you’ll have to do nothing but enjoy the party.  Leave everything else to me: Where do we start from ? From you. 

To entrust your wedding to the wedding planner doesn’t mean only to find someone to take care of your business but to hand over into his/her hands your whole love story, the most precious thing that you have. That’s why the first step will be to kow each other, to listen to each other, to read your book in order to make the most beautiful film you will have ever seen. 

It is important to trust the person that will look after your most important day. For about 13 years I’ve been telling love in between couples who come to me and I put them at the centre of my attentions, emphasizing their characteristics, their tastes, their emotions. 

They are the substance of the wedding, me I look after the form. Every style, every decoration, every detail will just be the reflex of the protagonists. With me you will feel like at home. 

The Prize Award Peninsula of Sorrento Coast of Amalfi obtained in 2010 has confirmed that the synonyms of my job are competence, creativity and humanity. 

Each time my job is unique because unique are the bride and bridegroom, their dreams, their melodies, their symbols.

Unique are you too, and unique will be also your wedding. Me and my team, made up of professionals selected by me over the time, we will work in synergy in order to give you as a present the most beautiful day of your life. Oh yeah: the perfect marriage exists. And it will be yours!

Keep calm. I know very well the anxiety of these hours, those where you fear the stress and you don’t know where to start from. Relax . 



Wedding in Sorrento

The creation of a perfect wedding. Francesca was perfect! She made our wedding in Sorrento a unique event, cared in the minimum details, she was careful at our suggestions, she got passionate about our ideas and made them become true with patience and competence, personalizing every corner and every moment, making sure that our wedding was shared by our guests because it represented us at 100%. If it was a marvellous day it was also thanks to her.

Andrew & Terry

Wedding Amalfi Coast

A wonderful day and a wedding like superheroes. Having a wish is dreamy. Making it happen is for superheroes. When you think of your wedding day…..As it will be! And then you realize that it’s much more! This is magic. I haven’t got more words. Thank you Francesca.
wedding Amalfi coast


Wedding in Sorrento

Francesca is guarantee of uniqueness and originality, with her you are sure not to have the reply of another event, she succeeds in modelling every minimum detail according to the needs and personality of the couple. Besides her competence she has a sense of humanity that really makes the difference.

Sorrento Wedding Planner

Your Special Wedding in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

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